Welcome to Gerhart Group

Gerhart Group provides wealth management services and is operated by women for women and families going through life transitions. People move through different life events that require them to refocus or modify the direction they are headed financially and emotionally. We have experienced many of these life transitions ourselves and are able to provide expert financial advice as well as be sensitive listeners. Our partnership with a client goes beyond just the financial issues. We devote the time and attention needed to really get to know each other. Clients need to feel comfortable with us and us with them. Getting to know our clients begins with a review of their current financial situation and their desired timeline. But to really get to know our clients, we extensively discuss their goals, values, important relationships, and even "wish-list" dreams. 

Together as partners, our clients and Gerhart Group move forward with a clear understanding and a well-defined direction of their personalized Wealth Management Plan. What better way to serve the needs of our clients than by creating a relationship based on strong communication and mutual trust? We invite you to experience our wealth management by women for women.